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About WildWood Mallorca


Experience & Creativity

Looking for creative home decor?  Rustic lighting fixtures?  Repurposed antiques?  Custom cabinetry?  Wood sculptures?  Find all that here.

To do what you love is to never work again.  Lead designer, 10 years experience as a cabinet-maker/carpenter, 20 years experience as a painting contractor, and now do what I love, Artistic Woodwork.  Please, help me to share that with the world.  Bring the awesome beauty of the forest into your home.

The forest is a living, sacred creature, and I have vowed to never harm a living tree.  My business formula is to be in harmony with our environment.  I use only deadwood as base material, much of which is found in the forests of Mallorca, some of which was destined to be firewood, and occasionally I buy stock from lumber distributors.

Handmade woodwork from Mallorca.

My Process

Commitment to quality is of the highest order.  Attention to detail is what makes these works unique.

 Specializing in Artistic Boxes of many types.  Plus exclusive Home Decor, Custom Woodwork, Rustic Furniture, Lighting Fixtures, Repurposed Antiques for sale.

No endangered tropical timber is used at WildWood.   I take great pride in using only sustainable wood sources.  

Unprocessed, natural substances are used for the majority of finishes


My Guarantee

At WildWood, the client´s interests will always be first priority.

 1 year warranty on all parts inclusive in the work which I did not build, the wiring and electrical components, for example. 

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WildWood offers two ranges of products.  Those that are one-of-a-kind creations.  Secondly, those that can be mass-produced.  I also do custom cabinetry and decorative installations.  Please click on the "custom" tab in the upper right corner for more information. 

Contact me today to begin discussing your upcoming project, or to inquire about an item in the gallery.

WildWood by BrianJohns

Finca Can Leo, Campanet, Mallorca, Spain

+34 665 46 02 46 email: brianrandolphjohns@gmail.com


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